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Fall Work Bee Oct 6, 2019

Monday August 19, 2019

Our fall work bee is now scheduled for Sunday October 6, 2019. Please correct your calendar (an earlier email/posting said Sat, Oct 5). There are many great clubs and events in the valley and a lot of overlap in membership, so it is worth making adjustments to avoid conflicts. Thanks Leslie-Jean for keeping our club in harmony with other valley doings. Leslie-Jean’s famous NSDP calendar should be posted on our website around the end of August.

Here is the revised plan for our October 6 work bee:

Sunday, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, show up with gloves and a smile we will replenish our firewood supply, brush areas that cannot be brushed by machine and scrape/brush worn areas of our upper deck. Some of us will be there by 9:00 so feel free to come early. You can also come for just the afternoon if that fits your family schedule. Kids can help if they are strong enough to lift firewood.  BBQ burgers and hot dogs will be provided for lunch. 

Contact if you can:

  • Bring a truck and trailer to move cut wood
  • Bring a wood splitter capable of handling 20” wood.  We plan to rent one but a second would be great.
  • Bring and operate a chain saw to cut logs. Most of the wood is already bucked so we only need 2 chain saw operators this year. Must have protective gear and training and experience.

A few volunteers will probably be needed after Sunday for deck painting and maybe to finish some of the brushing and wood stacking. Check with Steve Osborn or Patrick Dumais at the work bee or soon after.

Task details


  • Transfer dry wood from the drying shed to the wood room and then restock the drying shed with green wood. Need 6 to 8 people with gloves. Hearing protection for those closer to the splitter or chain saws.
  • Transfer wood cut by the fire crews from nearby ski trails. Need 2 trailers with 2-3 people with gloves to load.
  • Cut logs to length. Need 2 people with chainsaws and protective gear.
  • Split wood. Will rent splitter. Additional splitter helpful. Need splitter operator and helper.


  • Pine Creek between 5 km and 7.5 km
  • Around lagoon to fence
  • Along entrance road from HBM road to lower parking lot
  • Play hill and bumps near lodge

Upper Deck Resurfacing:

  • Scrape/brush/sand sections of peeling paint
  • Seal joints
  • Apply new paint (different day)

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