BV Nordic Centre

Rabbits 2018 Calendar

January 13 -  First Day of Rabbits Parent meeting at 1:45 pm. This meeting is mostly for families new to the Rabbits program but all are welcome if you need a refresher about the club and the volunteer roles.

January 13 - A waxing clinic for rabbits parents will be held after the parents' meeting at the Gary Murdoch memorial waxing hut. This is a very useful clinic to attend.

February 8 (Thursday) - Night ski with Rabbits. This is a Magical Night Ski with lanterns and costumes. Starts at 6:00 pm on a Thursday, with hot chocolate and goodies afterwards

February 11 - Chris Dahlie Open Race. Age groups start a 5 years old and go up from there. More details at

February 24 - Super hero day. This was a blast last year. The costumes, the dancing on skis, the treasure hunt! All going well, this will be toque day as well!

March 3 – Wetsinkwa Loppet/Marathon.  All bunnies and rabbits can be part of the Rabbits Parade preceding the race. Bunnies and Rabbits can race and eat lunch as part of their fees. The race will be in the morning and there will be no lessons. Its a great local race with lots of positive spirit!

March 17 – Last Day of Rabbits program and Rabbits Fun Day – St. Patrick's day theme. Games, stations, and fun adventures on skis. Progress reports will be handed out.