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Trail Status Update

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The notes below were updated on February 21, 2018.

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  • Logging by Wetzin’Kwa Community Forest is complete.
  • Logging was requested by the club to address the hazard from dead pine trees. In the absence of logging, the hazard would have required extensive trail closures.
  • The logging has reduced the danger from dead trees and in the process, opened up views from a number of trails.
  • There may be some additional trail-related logging this summer but there are no plans for more logging near our trails next winter. 

Dog Trails

  • Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven are both fully open and in good shape.
  • With the new signage, we changed the dog-skiing direction of Hound Heaven to allow skiers & dogs to travel counter-clockwise on Hound Heaven then have the option to connect to Pooch Paradise (still counter-clockwise) for a continuous 6 km loop. (All of Pooch is 5 km and all of Hound is over 2 km)
  • Dogs can be off leash from the lower parking lot to the dog trails ONLY if you can keep your dog nearby and trained to heel on command. Dogs are excited to go but they can’t be allowed to race ahead and frighten other skiers, especially through the tunnel. Don’t forget to flick dog poop off the trail.

Pine Creek Trails

  • With the logging done and the February snow, it was finally possible to open all of PIne Creek trails.  Yay!
  • For those who enjoy the Pine Creek Loop, we hope you will consider also skiing the Chris Dahlie side. Steep hills can be avoided by following the lights of Broadway then down Wetzin’Kwa and back (6 km return). Or take Broadway to the Hub, turn right onto Perimeter Trail for half a km, left onto Dahlie Connector then right onto Valley View as far as you want for up to 14 km round trip. Branching off Valley View onto Upper Logging Trail or up the Down the Mountain Trail opens up lots more options but involves more strenuous skiing.  

Chris Dahlie Trails

  • Our steepest and curviest trails are in the Chris Dahlie trail network. Northern Lights and Golden Eye Loop provide intermediate options. Broadway, Wetzin'Kwa and Valley View are wide, gentle and in great shape.
  • If you head out on Golden Eye, watch out at Junction G as it can be confusing. In addition to being a junction for Golden Eye and Perimeter, a new logging road heads northeast 3 km to Valley View and has been adopted as the Down the Mountain trail. There is also a logging road heading west but it is not being groomed.
  • The Perimeter Trail is also more confusing than it should be on the new map. The new signs have Perimeter Trail running continuously from C to U (the Hub at Broadway's bend) .The map will be fixed for next year.   

Logging Roads

  • The Upper Logging Trail, and Demo Forest Loop are in great shape.
  • Zipper Twister is a kids’ favourite that can be a tricky ski through the trees on its way to Wetzin’Kwa.
  • Branching off the Demo Forest Loop near Zipper Twister is an unnamed logging road that was trackset for this year only.

New Trail Map

  • New maps were produced this year with new trail names. Maps are available at the self-serve ticket boxes, in the lodge and at McBike.
  • A digital version of the new map is available at
  • We are working towards a fully georeferenced mapping app for next year. The 2017 trail map PDF above was designed for a brochure and though it can be viewed on a phone, it is not georeferenced .  However, in the interim, Tom Christian modified the map file to make usable as a georeferenced PDF in the mobile app Avenza. The brochure map base will not be a perfect fit but Tom hopes that it will have value in some of our junction-heavy trails. Thanks Tom.  Download the georeferenced file:  2017_BVNordic_Map-geo.pdf
  • Sorry, the official map is not yet georeferenced. But go to the top of the page for in interim georeferenced PDF.
  • Our club, in partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails BC and working with the Wetzin'Kwa Community Forest, is in the early stages of conducting a formal referral process to the Office of the Wet’suwet’en and other stakeholders in soliciting feedback on some proposed new trails.
  • New logging roads from this fall and possible new trail work over the coming summer means that we will need to produce revised maps for next year. 
  • We are looking for photos to put on the cover of the new maps. Prizes! Send your photos or suggestions for improvements to

New Signs

  • With awesome funding support from Recreation Sites and Trails BC, we have been installing new trail signs.
  • Unfortunately, the project was delayed until after logging was completed and then slowed by some cold snaps.
  • Lots of positive feedback on the signs so far but there is still more to do: back end of Pine Creek, Hilltop Loop, new P directions and junction signs, you-are-here maps. And all of the installed signs need to be checked and firmed up when the snow is gone.
  • A project leader is needed to ensure the sign project gets completed. If you can take this on, contact