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COVID-19 Info

Please familiarize yourself with the latest provincial restrictions before coming to the Nordic Centre, "By order and direction of the PHO, all individuals, places of work and businesses in B.C. must significantly reduce social interactions and travel." We are still open, but we encourage you to be extra cautious and patient in the parking lot, while on the trails, and in buildings.


The club prepared a COVID-19 Safety Plan based on requirements and guidance from public health officials, our provincial sport organizations, WorkSafeBC and Recreation Sites and Trails BC. We feel strongly that we can provide great skiing while staying safe during this pandemic and we thank you for your help in making that happen by complying with this COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Download our COVID-19 Safety Plan revised Dec 13, 2020 Our plan was revised December 1, 2020 to include new measures in the Appendices covering the Bunnies and Rabbits program (Appendix B), Competitions and Events (Appendix C) and Nordic Centre Operations (Appendix D). The December 13 version includes red-marked changes to conform to new provincial restrictions in place as of December 2. Cross Country BC’s summary of key changes:

  • For children/youth programs, sport is back to Phase 2, which is summarized on Page 21 of viaSport’s Return to Sport guidelines.  For skill development programs, it basically boils down to physical distancing (updated to 3 metres).  ‘Cohorts’ are no longer applicable; 3m must now be maintained while “on the field of play”.  When outside the field of play, 2m should be maintained, and if not possible, masks should be worn.
  • For adults (22+), up to 4 people may participate in outdoor group sport if they maintain a distance of 3m. This change to allow some adult group outdoor was part of clarification announced on December 24, 2020
  • Unfortunately, because a line had to be drawn in the sand, this also means that athletes 22+ can’t train together with their younger teammates for now.
  • Athletes should travel to their “home club” only. 
  • Parent volunteers are allowed (e.g. parent volunteers to accompany Bunnyrabbits if required). Spectators are NOT allowed…  but why spectate when you can go ski??


If you choose to use BV Nordic Centre trails or facilities or participate in club programs or events, you must agree to abide by the rules and guidance  in the club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan and: 

  • agree to stay away from the Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre if you don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or if you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms. (See BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool
  • agree to follow social distancing protocols of staying at least 2m away from others and follow passing etiquette described in the club's COVID-19 Safety Plan when passing others on the ski trails.
  • agree to sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting any building and to wear a mask while inside any building (see the club's COVID-19 Safety Plan for exception while eating).  
  • agree to allow the use of your name and contact information for COVID-19 related purposes such as notifications and contact-tracing.
  • acknowledge that there are risks associated with entering club facilities and/or participating in club activities, and that the measures taken by the club and participants, including those set out above and  and set out in provincial guidance and Return to Sport protocols, will not entirely eliminate those risks.



Other Guidance and Return to Sport Protocols 


Archived Information

During the summer of 2020, our club adopted Cross Country BC's safety plan at the time as our own for the purpose of allowing "off-season" group training. See pages 3-8 of this document:

The participant agreement used for off-season training is available on zone4 here

This is the September 28, 2020 version of our COVID-19 Safety Plan:

December 2, 2020 version of our Safety Plan: