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Trail Map

We have a new map for the 2018-2019 ski season!

NOTE: The linked map is now a Feb 11, 2019 digital specific version which has distances between junctions and other improvements. See below for a version more suitable for printing.

Yes, we had a new map last year (2017-2018), but since then we built new trails, changed names of a few sections, reallocated a few junction letters and improved grooming efficiency by dropping a few sections. So the 2017 map is obsolete. Please don't use the 2017 or 2007 maps, which had this front panel:

The new 2018 map is up-to-date and has lots of nice touches that were added by club volunteers.  We are working on new map brochures  (11"x17"), but in the meantime the map is availble in the following ways:

  • Large wall maps have been posted at the lodge and lower parking lot.
  • A limited number of photocopies will be availalbe at the lodge and at McBike (please share until we get the brochures)
  • A digital specific (no inset map, smaller fonts) georeferenced PDF (Feb 11, 2019 version) can be downloaded now!  Click the link or the map image above to view the map. Then select Download to save to your device.
  • A version suitable for printing (with the inset map and larger fonts for trail names) is also available to download.

The downloaded PDF can be viewed as an image on your monitor or phone like any PDF. But if you open it on a GPS-enabled mobile device with an app like Avenza, the app will show your location on the map. Once you have the map on your device there is no need for cell or wifi.

Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps is available for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play store. The free version will let you use up to three active maps at a time. You will definitely want this to be one of those 3 maps. If you don't already have Avenza Maps installed here are links to install it for iOS and Android:

Once you have Avenza Maps installed following this link should import the map into the app pdfmap://


If that link does not import the map then follow these instructions on how to import maps into Avenza Maps:

All Avenza Maps help is here