BV Nordic Centre

Safety Information

The club maintains safety equipment at the Nordic Centre for use by anyone in need. Club members are encouraged to become familiar with the following so they will be able to assist in an emergency.

1st Aid Supplies

  • Small first aid kit upstairs in open cupboard next to kitchen
  • Large, portable first aid kits in unlocked cupboard in downstairs First Aid Room
  • Bed and blankets in downstairs First Aid Room
  • Sled stretcher with blankets and leg splint wrapped in tarp. Intended to be pulled by rescue sled (see snowmobile below)
  • Emergency Kits out on trails with locations marked on trail map. Contains wool blanket, reflective blanket, matches, tensor bandages.


  • Don't rely on cell phones as coverage is poor on most trails
  • Lodge phone is downstairs, across from First Aid room. The phone is primarily for emergencies but can be used for short, local personal calls.
  • Contact numbers, directions and Emergency Search Procedures are posted next to the phone.


  • AED is at the bottom of the stairs, just inside the main door of the lodge.
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
  • If someone is unconscious, use the AED. (it won’t shock if not needed)
  • The AED is designed so anyone can use. It Talks! But best if used with 911 and even better if you have training.
  • Pull open the door (tab breaks, alarm sounds, key inside to shut off alarm)
  • Follow directions on the AED and the verbal instructions


Snowmobile Rescue Sled

  • The rescue sled is covered in a black tarp in front of the machine shed.
  • Anyone can use the sled for emergencies if you are competent in the use of snowmobiles.
  • Use the rescue sled at your own risk.
  • You must use a helmet. Extra helmets are in furnace room on the top shelf.
  • Bring the rescue sled to the lodge and have two people carry the stretcher/sled from First Aid room
  • If person unconscious, call 911 and take AED.
  • Notify someone at lodge to direct help.
  • Call 911 if abulance is needed. Paramedics may go out on trail if they are supplied with a sled driver, helmet and snowsuit.
  • Special Starting Procedure
  1. Unplug battery charger
  2. Stop switch in ON position
  3. Choke ON (lever out)
  4. Key on leash. Turn for electric start
  5. After engine starts, turn off choke

Search Procedures 


Biathlon Safety