BV Nordic Centre

Trail Conditions

december 16th night

Groomed dog trails ,broadway + down and out.

excelent condition.Enjoy

Sunday Dec

Heavy snow Sunday morning.  Broadway, Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise, Tunnel Connector and Stagin area were set.  Classi will be good but skate will be only fair.  Warm temperatures limit tracksetting to early morning hours, so it will be a few days before we get all trails done.

Sunday Dec. 16

Grooming is underway this morning and updates will follow. Snow amounts will determine our grooming abillities. Road has been ploughed.

Sat. Dec. 15

This morning we groomed Staging Area,.75, 1.5, Northern Lights, Biathlon, One Click Right, The Way Home, Broadway, Wetzin Kwa Trail, Logging Roads. More trails were groomed last night. The Trails are in excellent condition. Enjoy your ski.

Dec 14 night shift

Trails set were Perimeter trail, Goldeneye Lake Loop, Down to the Valley, Valleyview and Hilltop Loop

Conditions are very good with the new snow, though a little soft in the center as yet.

Friday Dec. 14

This morning Road is ploughed and some parking. Groomed trails are Broadway, Kids Hill, .75, Biathlon,One click right, Tunnel connector, Pooch Paradise, Wild Dog, Northern Lights. Enjoy your ski

Thursday Dec. 13

We had enough snow to use the Pisten Bully so things are looking up.

This morning Broadway, Northern Lights, Biathlon,.75, Tunnel connector, One click right, Pooch Paradise and The way home were groomed. More grooming is underway this afternoon,Logging Roads, Down and Out and Wetzin KwaTrail were groomed this afternoon. Wetzin Kwa still has a few wet and rough  spots. Valley View and down the Mountain as well as the Pine Creek Trails need more snow and cold temperatures. Enjoy your ski

december 11th

Ginzu on Broadway, Logging roads via x-y connector and Down and Out.   Enjoy new snow

Dec 9 Update

We need more snow for Pine Creek and the dog trails but the little Ginzu has been successfully grooming the low snowpack on many of the lodge-side trails.

Logging roads, Broadway and Down the Mountain are in pretty good shape.  There are a couple thin spots.   

Goldeneye is decent for both classic and skate.  A couple rough spots and the two creeks are now frozen so you can ski across.  

Down the Mmountain is mostly decent.  A few rough spots and a few rocks.  A decent classic track.  

Valley View past Furhrs and the gate is decent with a few ruts. 

The backside of Perimeter from H to J is pretty good for skating.  

Northern Lights has a decent base but a little thin and rough where the logging took place and ruts on the last hill above the dip.  

One Click Right and Tunnel Connector have a good base.  One Click Right needs a few sticks cut.  

Wetzinkwa has a good base but has a few bad ruts. 

A few trails need some sticks cut: new trails Wild Dog, One Click Right the Wetzin'kwa extension. Also the end section of Broadway.
Small hand clippers will do most of them. Contact for info or just go ahead and let us know what gets done.

Dec 8 update

Snow is coming! But even without the new snow, the Ginzu has been doing wonders. Broadway and Down & Out are very decent. Valley View and Upper Logging trail are amazingly good. 

Dec 6 update

We are not officially open until there is more snow but some people are enjoying early season skiing on Broadway, Down and Out and Logging Roads. The Ginzu is keeping skate tracks decent but the classic tracks will remain icy until there is new snow. Fish scale skis seem to work fine.  Feel free to explore other trails, many of which have been packed to prepare for the next snow.

Dec 1 update

Cooler weather is allowing more trail grooming to prepare the base (Broadway, Down and Out and Logging Roads). Not enough snow to reset classic tracks. Nothing groomable on dog trails yet. We won't officially open until we get more snow but the gate and lodge are open during the days for those who want to do a snow dance or try out their rock skis.

Opening days the previous 5 years: Dec 2, Dec 21, Dec 9, Nov 24, Nov 25.

Nov 29 update

The warm weather makes the trails too soft to ski right now. This weekend's forecasted cold weather should turn the remaining snow into a great base for the next snowfall.

Nov 27 Update

Unfortunately, precipitation over the last couple days has been mostly rain, with only a few snowflakes. Trails that were groomed earlier are very soft so please don't skii on them. Keep your fingers crossed for cooler temperatures and more snow.  Info on recent trail improvements are on the Trail Status Update.

Nov 25 Update

Official opening will be Sat Dec 1. The snowmobile and Ginzu groomer has been setting tracks wherever there is enough snow. OK to check out before Dec 1 but the sjhallow snowpack means some dirty sections. Trail-specific details in the Trail Status Update.

November Trail Update

We are close to the start of an awesome ski season! New trails are built. The snow base is being packed in preparation for tracksetting. Salvage logging on Pine Creek between 5 and 7.5 km cutoffs should be done by end of Nov. We just need cold weather and a bit more snow for wet spots on many trails.  Just a bit more patience...  See Trail Status Update for details....

October 2018

Logging and machine work is happening this fall for salvage, clean-up, and new trails. Hopefully complete before ski season. Click More then Trail Status Update link ...

Fall 2018

Lots of work done over the summer to make trails easier to groom with less snow which means an earlier start to the season. Also, we hope to complete a new dog trail and an extension to the Wetzin'kwa trail which will loop up to the Demo Forest trails. It's going to be a great ski season!

Monday Mar. 9

Just a reminder that grooming is over for the season. We hope you had a good winter skiing the trails. There will be some upgrades over the summer on the trail system. The Nordic Centre and Club appreciates all who helped run the area.

Thur Apr 5

Last chance for excellent winter skiing! Your favourite trails are now in great shape and should stay that way through the weekend. Today the PistenBully groomed Pooch Paradise, all Pine Creek trails, Broadway, WetzinKwa, Lower and Upper logging roads, Down and Out, West side of Goldeneye Lake and through the corkscrew on the perimeter trail. The Ginzu recently set Northern Lights and Hound Heaven.  Enjoy your ski.

Tue. April 3

Ginzu groomed today: Broadway, wetzinkwa, logging road, down and out, hound heaven and pooch paradise. Around 3cm of new snow has fallen since then.

Sat Mar 31

This beautiful Sat morning, the PistenBully groomed Pine Creek 10k loop, Down and Out and Upper Logging Trail. Yesterday's grooming: Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven. Broadway and Wetzinkwa. The Ginzu may groom some other trails over the next few days. Enjoy!

Mar 30

After the big snow, we groomed the following this morning: Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven. Broadway and Wetzinkwa. A bit soft for skating. More grooming tomorrow morning when it gets colder.

Wed. Mar.28

Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven will be groomed this morning. Trails groomed yesterday remain in good condition. Enjot tour ski.

Tue. Mar. 27

This morning Brosdway-Wetzin kwa Trail and Upper and Lower Logging Roads were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Mon Mar. 26

This morning Broadway, xy connector, Logging Rds,Hound Heaven were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Sun. Mar. 25

The Ginzu was out today on a few trails. Wetzin kwa Trail, Demo Forest,Valley View. 

Sat. Mar. 24

Today we intend to groom Down and Out, Upper Logging Road and Valley View Trail. Other trails were done yesterday. Enjoy your ski

Fri. Mar. 23

 This morning we groomed Broadway-Wetzin kwa Trail, x-y connector, Northern Lights,Staging Area, Pooch Paradise, 5K Loop on Pine Creek Conditions were excellent this morning.

Wed. Mar. 21

We will do some grooming for the weekend after it snows. In the meantime the warmth of the day will dictate conditions.

Wed. Mar.  21

Looks like another day of the sun looking after our trails. Pick your time to enjoy your ski.

Sunday Mar. 18

Let the sun warm the ski trails then go for a nice ski. Get out and enjoy the day.

Sat. Mar.17

Spring skiing on the trails. The sun's intensity will affect trail conditions. Enjoy your ski.

Fri. Mar. 16

Pooch Paradise and Pine Creek Trails were groomed this morning. Pick your time of day to enjoy your ski.

Thu. Mar. 15

Groomed X-Y connector Loop and Broadway this morning. Conditions change over the day-pick your time to ski.

Wed. Mar. 14

Conditions change throughout the day.Pick the time df day that suits your skiing abilities. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Mar. 13

This morning Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven were groomed. Trails are in good condition- just pick the time of day for your ski.

Mon. Mar. 12

Broadway- Wetzin kwa Trail, Northern Lights, Down and Out, Harvest Connector, Demo Loop and Demo Extention were groomed this morning. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Mar. 11

Another beautiful day for skiing.. Come up and enjoy all the different trails.

Sat Mar.10

Great conditions . Come and try a new trail-lots to choose from.

Friday Mar. 9

Trails continue to be in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Mar. 8

All Trails are in Great condition. Enjoy your ski.

Wed. Mar. 7

Today Hilltop Loop, Northern Lights,Perimeter Trail C to D to C and 1.5. All other trails are in very good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Mar. 6

Dog Trails and all of Pine Creek Trails have been groomed.All other Trails except Hilltop Loop and Games Trail are in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Mar. 5

Perimeter Trail,Goldeneye Lake Loop, Down the Mountain and Valley View have been groomed. Other trails remain in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday March 4

Dog Trails are open again. Many trails were groomed yesterday and more will be done this afternoon. Enjoy your ski.

Sat. Mar. 3

Today we are hosting the Wetzin kwa Loppet so that means the dog trails are closed for dogs. People not in the Loppet must be mindful of skiers in the race and give them the right of way.. We appreciate your cooperation-Thank-you. Trails are available for non racers ask at the Lodge.

Friday March 2

Grooming will be underway this morning. We plan to do  the Loppet route first-then other trails after. Dog trails are open today but will be closed tomorrow{Saturday} while Loppet is underway. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. March 1

Staging Area, Kids Hill and Trails, Broadway were groomed this morning.Snowing steady at the Nordic Centre - more grooming when it stops. Roads and Parking will be ploughed this evening for Loppet Saturday.

Wed. Feb. 28

Trails are still very skiable despite a bit of fresh snow. We will wait to groom  until after  the snowfall ends. Thank-you.

Tue. Feb. 27

All trails remain in good condition. Enjoy your ski

Mon. Feb. 26

This morning Pooch Paradise, Demo Loop and Extension are being groomed.Down the Mountain, Valley Virw, and some Perimeter Trail will have the Ginzu Groomer go over them. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Feb. 25

All of Pine Creek Trails have been groomed Wetzin kwa Trail and Northern Lights Trail, Logging Roads, Down and Out have also been groomed.  Enjoy your ski.

Sat. Feb. 24

All trails are in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 23

 This morning we groomed Staging Area,1.5, Northern Lights, Broadway-Wetzin kwa Trail, Logging Roads and Demo Loop. All other trails have a skiff of snow and remain very skiable. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb. 22

Lots of Trails to choose from- try something new today. All trails are in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Wed. Feb. 21

School Race today at 10.30. Conditions continue to be very good. All Trails are open including Pine Creek 10K. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Feb, 20

All trails are in very good condition. Warming up this afternoon for a nice ski.

Mon. Feb. 19

Late yesterday we groomed Perimeter, Goldeneye Lake Loop, Down the Mountain, Valley View, Hilltop Loop and Games Trail.  All of Pine Creek is open. Enjoy your ski

Sunday Feb, 18

Today is Welcome Day-so free skiing all day. Free rentals between 11am and 3pm and snacks. Come and enjoy good snow conditions.All trails are in great shape for classic and for skate it varies in firmness.

Sat. Feb. 17

All of Pine CreekTrails including Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven were groomed last night. Broadway - Wetzin kwa Trail and Logging Roads ,Staging Area,Biathlon were groomed yesterday.  Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 16

All trails have 1cm of new snow- makes for great conditions.Today we did groom Staging Area, Biathlon, Kids Hill, Broadway-Wetzin kwa, and Logging Roads. Enjoy your ski.

Thu Feb. 15

All trails have been groomed over the last two days and are in good condition. Only the Games Trail is not groomed. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Feb. 14

Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, All of Pine Creek Trails have been groomed this morning. This afternoon Perimeter, Down the Mountain,Valley View,Hilltop Loop were groomed.Trails groomed yesterday remain in great shape. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Feb. 13

Broadway- Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise, Kids Area ,Biathlon, Logging Roads, Demo Loop and Extention were groomed today. Enjoy your ski.

Monday Feb. 12

Conditions remain very good for classic but some trails are still a bit soft for skate. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Feb. 11

All Trails on the Pine Creek side and the Chris Dahlie side have been groomed in the last two days. They remain in very good condition.Enjoy your ski/

Sat. Feb. 10

All of Pine Creek was groomed last night including the West Connector. This morning Perimeter, Down the Mountain and Valley View will be groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 9

Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven,Staging Area and Biathlon were groomed today. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb. 8

Today we groomed Broadway- Wetzin kwa,Nothern Lights, Hilltop Loop, Logging Roads, Staging and Biathlon. With the new deep snow it will take some time to set up. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Feb. 7

We cannot keep up to the snow coming down so no grooming until snow storm is over.  Masters has also been cancelled. Thank youi

Tue. Feb. 6

Logging Roads, Demostration Loop and Extension,x-y connector,Down and Out were groomed last night. Today we groomed Northern Lights, Hilltop Loop, Games Loop, Perimeter from C to D to C then to H and down to U. More grooming this afternoon. With all this snow more trees are coming down- so be alert and careful out there. Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Feb. 5

Last night Staging Area, Biathlon, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven were groomed.More grooming this morning-Broadway Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights. Road and Parking were done yesterday afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 4

There will be NO grooming today-until snowstorm is over.Thank-you

Sat. Feb. 3

Grooming is underway this morning. Parking Lots were ploughed last night.This morning we groomed Broadway-Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights, Staging Area, Kids Hill, Biathlon. Also ran the Ginzu Groomer On the Dog Trails, Logging Roads and Perimeter Trail. The Pisten Bully is grooming the Pine Creek Trails and should be done by 4pm. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 2

Road is ploughed but not parking lots. This morning Broadway-Wetzin kwa. Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven and Biathlon were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb. 1

Conditions remain very good. Pisten Bully is fixed and grooming will resume as needed. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb.1

Conditions will remain as is . We are having problems with the Pisten Bully . Hope to have it back  operating soon.

Wed. Jan. 31

Last night Perimeter, Goldeneye Lake Loop, Hilltop Loop,Down the Mountain and Valley view Trails were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Jan. 30

Last night Parking Lots and Road were ploughed. Pooch Paradise,Hound Heaven, Staging Area and Biathlon  were also groomed. With no new snow over night most trails remain in good shape. However there is a change on the Pine Creek side and that is when you ski the 10K loop  come back through the 7.5 loop. From there you may return via the 5K or the2.5K or just return the way you came. Apparently the Logging is still active between E and G [the swamp]  Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Jan. 29

Pine Creek was groomed yesterday afternoon .Good conditions with a few rough spots. Last night Braodway-Wetzin kwa,Down and Out and Staging Area were groomed. Today Northern Lights and Logging Roads, Demonstraton  Loop and Extention are being groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Sat. Ja. 27

This morning Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, 2.5K and 5K Loop on the Pine Creek side are being groomed . All trails that were groomed in the previous 24 hrs remain in great shape. Parking Lots and road have been ploughed. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Jan. 26

Last night Braodway-Wetzin Kwa, Logging Roads, Demonstration Loop and Extention were groomed This morning Staging Area, Biathlon, Kid's Hill then Perimeter, Down the Mountain and Valley View will be done. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Jan. 25

Last night Both lit trails were groomed as well as the road. This morning Down and Out, Wetzin Kwa, and the Dog trails will be groomed.

Wed. Jan. 24

This morning Staging Area, XY connector, Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven will be groomed, More will be done as the day goes on. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Jan. 23

Last night Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, ThePine Creek 2.5 and 5K loops were groomed as well as the Demo Forest Loop and Extention. This morning we groomed Staging Area,Biathlon,West side Goldeneye Lake from C to I to H to  U then back in on Down and Out Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Jan. 22

Grooming has started this morning starting with Broadway-Wetzin Kwa, Logging Rds, Demonstration Loop and exstention. We will get to the Dog Trails a bit later. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Jan. 21

Grooming is underway this morning. Starting with Broadway-Wetzin Kwa Trail and then Logging Roads. Today is Tour de Soup so come up and enjoy. More grooming later.

Sat. Jan. 20

All available trails are in very good condition.

Friday Jan. 19

Last night Broadway, Logging Roads, Demo Forest Loop and Extension, Valley View were groomed . This morning the Perimeter and Down the Mountain were groomed. Conditions are great. Enjoy your ski

Thu. Jan. 18

Staging Area, Biathlon, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, Braodway- Wetzin Kwa, Northern Lights Perimeter Trail from U to H to C were groomed. Some ploughing has been done.  Grooming will be done tonight on Valley View, Logging Roads, Demonstration Road Extension. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Jan. 17

Groomed this morning for school groups.  Will groom this evening  for night skiing and Masters.

Tue. Jan. 16

All available trails remain in very good condition. We need more snow to be able set most of Pine Creek Trails- only Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven and the 2.5 Loop are open. Enjoy your ski

Mon. Jan. 15

Last night the 2.5 Loop on Pine Creek was groomed along with Hound Heaven-Pooch Paradise was done earlier. This morning Valley View is beiing groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Jan. 14

Today we groomed Staging Area, Northern Lights, Braodway, Wetzin Kwa Trail, Logging Rds., Demonstration Loop and Extention, Down and Out. Skiing is Great.

Sa. Jan.13

Staging Area, Biathlon, Kids Playgruond and inner trails were groomed this morning. All other available Trails are very skiable with a skiff of new snow. More grooming will take place early tomorrow. Women's ski-fest is tomorrow. 

Wed. Jan. 10

This morning Pooch Paradise, Broadway, Perimeter, Down and Out, Logging Rds, Valley View, Down the Mountain, Demonstration Loop and Exstention and Golden Eye Loop were groomed. Enjoy your ski

Tue. Jan. 9

Grooming is underway this morning. Staging Area, Biathlon,1.5, Northern Lights, Snake Hill,Braodway, Wetzin Kwa Trail, Golden Eye Lake Loop and Perimeter from C to G to H Then back to C. Tomorrow Dog Trails, Logging Trails and Demonstration Trails will be groomed.

Monday Jan. 8

Grooming has been done on Braodway,WetZin Kwa Trail,Lower and Upper Logging Roads, Demonstration Loop and extention and Down and Out.Pooch Paradise was also groomed again this morning. Unfortunatly it has warmed up and is continuing to snow.  

Sunday Jan. 7

Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven are being groomed this morning. All other available trails are in good condition. Enjoy your ski