BV Nordic Centre

Trail Conditions

Thu. Feb. 22

Lots of Trails to choose from- try something new today. All trails are in good condition. Enjoy your ski.

Wed. Feb. 21

School Race today at 10.30. Conditions continue to be very good. All Trails are open including Pine Creek 10K. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Feb, 20

All trails are in very good condition. Warming up this afternoon for a nice ski.

Mon. Feb. 19

Late yesterday we groomed Perimeter, Goldeneye Lake Loop, Down the Mountain, Valley View, Hilltop Loop and Games Trail.  All of Pine Creek is open. Enjoy your ski

Sunday Feb, 18

Today is Welcome Day-so free skiing all day. Free rentals between 11am and 3pm and snacks. Come and enjoy good snow conditions.All trails are in great shape for classic and for skate it varies in firmness.

Sat. Feb. 17

All of Pine CreekTrails including Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven were groomed last night. Broadway - Wetzin kwa Trail and Logging Roads ,Staging Area,Biathlon were groomed yesterday.  Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 16

All trails have 1cm of new snow- makes for great conditions.Today we did groom Staging Area, Biathlon, Kids Hill, Broadway-Wetzin kwa, and Logging Roads. Enjoy your ski.

Thu Feb. 15

All trails have been groomed over the last two days and are in good condition. Only the Games Trail is not groomed. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Feb. 14

Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, All of Pine Creek Trails have been groomed this morning. This afternoon Perimeter, Down the Mountain,Valley View,Hilltop Loop were groomed.Trails groomed yesterday remain in great shape. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Feb. 13

Broadway- Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise, Kids Area ,Biathlon, Logging Roads, Demo Loop and Extention were groomed today. Enjoy your ski.

Monday Feb. 12

Conditions remain very good for classic but some trails are still a bit soft for skate. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Feb. 11

All Trails on the Pine Creek side and the Chris Dahlie side have been groomed in the last two days. They remain in very good condition.Enjoy your ski/

Sat. Feb. 10

All of Pine Creek was groomed last night including the West Connector. This morning Perimeter, Down the Mountain and Valley View will be groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 9

Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven,Staging Area and Biathlon were groomed today. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb. 8

Today we groomed Broadway- Wetzin kwa,Nothern Lights, Hilltop Loop, Logging Roads, Staging and Biathlon. With the new deep snow it will take some time to set up. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Feb. 7

We cannot keep up to the snow coming down so no grooming until snow storm is over.  Masters has also been cancelled. Thank youi

Tue. Feb. 6

Logging Roads, Demostration Loop and Extension,x-y connector,Down and Out were groomed last night. Today we groomed Northern Lights, Hilltop Loop, Games Loop, Perimeter from C to D to C then to H and down to U. More grooming this afternoon. With all this snow more trees are coming down- so be alert and careful out there. Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Feb. 5

Last night Staging Area, Biathlon, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven were groomed.More grooming this morning-Broadway Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights. Road and Parking were done yesterday afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 4

There will be NO grooming today-until snowstorm is over.Thank-you

Sat. Feb. 3

Grooming is underway this morning. Parking Lots were ploughed last night.This morning we groomed Broadway-Wetzin kwa, Northern Lights, Staging Area, Kids Hill, Biathlon. Also ran the Ginzu Groomer On the Dog Trails, Logging Roads and Perimeter Trail. The Pisten Bully is grooming the Pine Creek Trails and should be done by 4pm. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Feb. 2

Road is ploughed but not parking lots. This morning Broadway-Wetzin kwa. Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven and Biathlon were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb. 1

Conditions remain very good. Pisten Bully is fixed and grooming will resume as needed. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Feb.1

Conditions will remain as is . We are having problems with the Pisten Bully . Hope to have it back  operating soon.

Wed. Jan. 31

Last night Perimeter, Goldeneye Lake Loop, Hilltop Loop,Down the Mountain and Valley view Trails were groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Jan. 30

Last night Parking Lots and Road were ploughed. Pooch Paradise,Hound Heaven, Staging Area and Biathlon  were also groomed. With no new snow over night most trails remain in good shape. However there is a change on the Pine Creek side and that is when you ski the 10K loop  come back through the 7.5 loop. From there you may return via the 5K or the2.5K or just return the way you came. Apparently the Logging is still active between E and G [the swamp]  Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Jan. 29

Pine Creek was groomed yesterday afternoon .Good conditions with a few rough spots. Last night Braodway-Wetzin kwa,Down and Out and Staging Area were groomed. Today Northern Lights and Logging Roads, Demonstraton  Loop and Extention are being groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Sat. Ja. 27

This morning Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, 2.5K and 5K Loop on the Pine Creek side are being groomed . All trails that were groomed in the previous 24 hrs remain in great shape. Parking Lots and road have been ploughed. Enjoy your ski.

Friday Jan. 26

Last night Braodway-Wetzin Kwa, Logging Roads, Demonstration Loop and Extention were groomed This morning Staging Area, Biathlon, Kid's Hill then Perimeter, Down the Mountain and Valley View will be done. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Jan. 25

Last night Both lit trails were groomed as well as the road. This morning Down and Out, Wetzin Kwa, and the Dog trails will be groomed.

Wed. Jan. 24

This morning Staging Area, XY connector, Northern Lights, Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven will be groomed, More will be done as the day goes on. Enjoy your ski.

Tue. Jan. 23

Last night Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, ThePine Creek 2.5 and 5K loops were groomed as well as the Demo Forest Loop and Extention. This morning we groomed Staging Area,Biathlon,West side Goldeneye Lake from C to I to H to  U then back in on Down and Out Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Jan. 22

Grooming has started this morning starting with Broadway-Wetzin Kwa, Logging Rds, Demonstration Loop and exstention. We will get to the Dog Trails a bit later. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Jan. 21

Grooming is underway this morning. Starting with Broadway-Wetzin Kwa Trail and then Logging Roads. Today is Tour de Soup so come up and enjoy. More grooming later.

Sat. Jan. 20

All available trails are in very good condition.

Friday Jan. 19

Last night Broadway, Logging Roads, Demo Forest Loop and Extension, Valley View were groomed . This morning the Perimeter and Down the Mountain were groomed. Conditions are great. Enjoy your ski

Thu. Jan. 18

Staging Area, Biathlon, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven, Braodway- Wetzin Kwa, Northern Lights Perimeter Trail from U to H to C were groomed. Some ploughing has been done.  Grooming will be done tonight on Valley View, Logging Roads, Demonstration Road Extension. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Jan. 17

Groomed this morning for school groups.  Will groom this evening  for night skiing and Masters.

Tue. Jan. 16

All available trails remain in very good condition. We need more snow to be able set most of Pine Creek Trails- only Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven and the 2.5 Loop are open. Enjoy your ski

Mon. Jan. 15

Last night the 2.5 Loop on Pine Creek was groomed along with Hound Heaven-Pooch Paradise was done earlier. This morning Valley View is beiing groomed. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Jan. 14

Today we groomed Staging Area, Northern Lights, Braodway, Wetzin Kwa Trail, Logging Rds., Demonstration Loop and Extention, Down and Out. Skiing is Great.

Sa. Jan.13

Staging Area, Biathlon, Kids Playgruond and inner trails were groomed this morning. All other available Trails are very skiable with a skiff of new snow. More grooming will take place early tomorrow. Women's ski-fest is tomorrow. 

Wed. Jan. 10

This morning Pooch Paradise, Broadway, Perimeter, Down and Out, Logging Rds, Valley View, Down the Mountain, Demonstration Loop and Exstention and Golden Eye Loop were groomed. Enjoy your ski

Tue. Jan. 9

Grooming is underway this morning. Staging Area, Biathlon,1.5, Northern Lights, Snake Hill,Braodway, Wetzin Kwa Trail, Golden Eye Lake Loop and Perimeter from C to G to H Then back to C. Tomorrow Dog Trails, Logging Trails and Demonstration Trails will be groomed.

Monday Jan. 8

Grooming has been done on Braodway,WetZin Kwa Trail,Lower and Upper Logging Roads, Demonstration Loop and extention and Down and Out.Pooch Paradise was also groomed again this morning. Unfortunatly it has warmed up and is continuing to snow.  

Sunday Jan. 7

Pooch Paradise and Hound Heaven are being groomed this morning. All other available trails are in good condition. Enjoy your ski

Sat. Jan. 6

Skiff of new snow on the trails- should help trail conditions. We were able to groom Down and out, Lower Logging Rd, Upper Logging Part of Braodway and Northern Lights with the Pisten Bully. WetZin Kwa was groomed with the Ginzu Groomer

Friday Jan.5

Conditions remain diffucult to groom for.Trails are firm and icy so be careful on the trails

Friday Jan. 5

Good Morning. We will check conditions and make a decision about grooming. This warm weather can lead to icy trails if we groom at the wrong time. Updates will follow

Thu. Jan. 4

Late yesterday the Pisten Bully was out and groomed all Logging Roads, Outside Perimeter, Wet Zin Kwa Trail,Down and Out. Enjoy your ski.

Wed. Jan.3

This morning Pooch Paradise was Ginzu Groomed. Conditions are very good except one 100 metre section.  Skiing on available trails on the Chris Dahlie Side are good to very good. Enjoy your ski.

Tue Jan 2

Tuesday morning the following trails were set with the snowmobile-pulled Ginzu groomer:  Wetzin'kwa, Lower and Upper Logging roads, Demo forest and Demo forest extension and Down and Out.

Conditions are excellent.

Monday Jan 1

The Dog trails were refreshed with the Ginzu Groomer. Down the Mountain and Valleyview were set with the Ginzu, both classic and skate.  Down the Mountain is still a little thin for snow. Lower logging road, Broadway and the Harvest Connector were refreshed with the Ginzu. Enjoy your ski.

Fri Dec 29

The ginzu is out on Pooch Paradise this morning, and with that all available trails have been touched up with the Ginzu within the last two days.  The new trail Down to the Valley and the favorite Valley View have been set with the Ginzu for adventurous skiers only, expect some dirt and debris on a low snow depth.  

Thu. Dc. 28

All Logging Roads and WetZin Kwa Trail have been groomed with the Ginzu this morning. Enjoy your ski

Tue. Dec. 26

Again all available trails were touched up by the GINZU GROOMER on the Chris Dahlie Side. Braodway {Lower Lit} still needs more snow.Enjoy your ski

Sunday Dec. 24

Merry Christmas  Al availablel trails have been touched up with the Ginzu Groomer. Skiing is very good but yes a little chilly so dress for it.HAPPY HOLIDAYS and see you at the NORDIC CENTRE.

Sat. Dec. 23

Conditions are very good on the Logging Roads,Wet ZinKwa Trail, Perimeter Trail from Jct I to Jct G to Jct H then down to Jct U then back in Down and Out [3k] to The LODGE. The Northern Lights {2.5K} is also in good shape..When using Braodway{Lower Lit Trail} it is fine until the Lower Dip then favour the southside track- watch for gravel in the skating lane. Enjoy your ski

Friday Dec. 22

Logging Roads were groomed last night. Access via Down and Out{3K} to the Perimeter then through Dahlie Connector. Enjoy your ski.

Thu. Dec. 21

This morning Dog trails werre groomed, Braodway out to and including WetZin Kwa Trail Staging Area ,Biathlon, Kids Hill and Northern Lights {2.5} Enjoy your ski

Wed. Dec. 20

Today we groomed along and behind Goldeneye Lake from Jct. I to Jct. G then around the Perimeter  Trail to Jct. H  then down to Jct. U and back in Down and Out to the Lodge. Conditions were very good except two crossings which were marginal.  Enjoy your ski

Tue. Dec. 19

This morning Pooch Paradise was groomed with the Ginzu Groomerwith good results. All other trails are benifiting from this skiff of snow. Enjoy your ski

Mon. Dec. 18

The Ginzu has gone over all the available trails on the Chris Dahlie side to improve the skating lane. The classic track continues to be good. Enjoy Your Ski

Sat. Dec.16

3K {Down and Out} All Logging Roads were groomed last night. Some grooming where we can around the staging area this morning. Hound Heaven is recomended for the Dog Trail  Enjoy your ski

Fri. Dec. 15

Pisten Bully is fixed. Grooming where we can on the Dog Trails this morning.Hound Heaven is best. Out the 3K{Down and Out} to Junction U Then out to Wet ZinKwa Trail. We hope to groom Logging Roads tonight. Enjoy your ski

Wed. Dec. 13

The Nordic Centre is waiting for parts for the Pisten Bully. If there is new snow we will set with the Ginzu Groomer.  Thank- you

Sunday Dec.10

 We were able to groom Broadway {lower lit} . This trail was a haul road so we had to pull in snow from the sides. It is spotty in places but skiable and will get you out to WetZinKwa Trail which is very nice. Enjoy your ski

Friday Dec. 8

Last night WetZinKwa Trail and Demonstration Trail were groomed. Access these by using the 3K {Down and Out} watch for logging trucks. This should be the last day for logging trucks on the Chris Dahlie side. We will do our best to rejuvanate the haul roads back to trails.Dog Trails are open now with some obstacles. Right now you may ski with your dog any where it is trackset in the Dog Trail area. Enjoy your ski

Thu Dec 7

Dog trails are open! Pooch Paradise has been trackset except for 200 m of haul road that can be walked until we get more snow. Hound Heaven is an out and back ski until logging moves further west. On both sides of HBM road, there is great skiing to be enjoyed wherever trails are groomed. Tracksetters will continue to open trails as logging moves out and as snowcover allows. 

Tue. Dec. 5

We were able to trackset part of the Logging Road system this morning. Upper Loggihg Road,Trail beside Lower Logging Road, Fuhr  connector, Bob's Boogie, and to the end of the new Demonstration Road Extension. More trails are close to being open. Skiing is very good. 

Dec 1 update

Open this weekend with some trails groomed on Chris Dahlie side only. Ski the 2.5 km loop clockwise then continue on west side of Goldeneye Lake then down the Perimeter then back the way you came. No loops yet. Watch for sections disturbed by logging. More trails will be open as soon as other logging completes and as snowpack allows..

Fri Dec 1

Closed today. Log hauling in front of lodge today (Friday) and possibly next week. Open for skiing on the weekend with some trails groomed on Chris Dahlie side only. More trails will be open soon. See news article.

Wed. Nov.29

Grooming has been underway this morning. Parking Lots and Road have been ploughed. This condition report will be unchanged until Monday. Tracksetting will continue over this time.  Enjoy your ski

Tue. Nov. 28

Trails that are available were groomed this morning. Good skiing conditions. Enjoy your ski.

Mon. Nov. 27

All available trails were groomed this morning. Skiing conditions are very good. All of PINE CREEK TRAILS remain CLOSED. We look forward to opening day Dec. 2 and having many more trails open. Enjoy your ski.

Sunday Nov. 26

Limited grooming completed this morning, fresh snow too sticky to complete any more for now...

Sat. Nov. 25

Grooming will be done on our available trails this morning. Remember all of PINE CREEK TRAILS are CLOSED due to logging. Enjoy your ski

Thu. Nov. 23

Due to warm weather conditions we are unable to groom until it cools down.

Wed. Nov. 22

Grooming will not start until noon today. This warm weather is not helping skiing or the logging activity. 

Tue. Nov. 21

Grooming is underway on our available trails this morning.All of PINE CREEK TRAILS ARE CLOSED. Please respecy this- Logging is ongoing on these trails. ENJOY YOUR SKI

Monday Nov. 20

Good conditions continue today on the trails we are able to use. Be aware Truck hauling of logs may start today. There has been NO siting of bear tracks since Wednesday- so may be hibernating. Remember PINE CREEK and DOG TRAILS are CLOSED due to Logging. We are hoping for a Dec. !or 2 opening. ENJOY YOUR SKI

Sunday Nov 19

Parking lot & road have been ploughed, tracksetting is underway on a few of the upper side trails, as noted previously (Pine Creek, dog trails CLOSED for logging). Fresh snow & sunshine, Enjoy!

Saturday Nov. 18

Grooming has been done on the available trails this morning. Conditions are very good. NO bear tracks have been seen this morning and as it turns out the tracks seen yesterday were black bear. Please stay on trackset trails only-Thanks and Enjoy yourski

Friday Nov. 17

PLEASE BE AWARE that today GRIZZLY BEAR tracks were seen on the trails. NO BEAR was seen. For your safety be ALERT and try to ski with friends. We will be grooming again in the morning on the same trails that have been groomed. Remember PINE CREEK TRAILS are CLOSED and only ski where we have trackset-THANK-YOU. We are trying to be offially open Dec. 1. Logging Truck hauling will start Monday Nov. 20

Wednesday Nov,15

Hello Skiers, please be aware and respect that the Pine Creek Trails as of today are CLOSED due to LOGGING activity. We are expecting to open the dog trails December 1. On the Chris Dahlie side you may only ski on what is trackset. This is due to logging trucks using these other trails for hauling. The loggers are doing their best to move this along. The scales do not open until Nov. 20 and we plan to be in operation Dec.1. Conditions are very good where we have trackset. ENJOY YOUR SKI

Fall harvesting

Wetzin’Kwa is building road and logging near the Chris Dahlie ski trails and Nature hiking trails. Trail closure notices will be posted on affected trails and on nearby trailhead mapboards. See the Fall 2017 News for more info.  

April 10

Skiing is over for another season. THANKS to all that made it work. A number of upgrades will take place over the summer and fall--from removing danger trees to some trail improvments. Some Lodge work will be underway as well.Get in touch with a board member to be involved.

Sunday March 26

Spring skiing. Trails are best skied when it warms a bit.Area is open until end of month.

Sat. March 25

Grooming is underway this morning. Come up for some spring skiing.

Friday March 24

All trails have 1to 2 cm of new snow. Will groom after it cools off.

Thu. March 23

This morning the Lower Lit Trail,Wet ZinKwa  and1.5 were groomed. Pick your time of day to ski- let the snow warm up a bit. Enjoy your ski.

Wed. March 22

There is 1CM of new snow on the trails. This helps a bit but conditions are still firm underneath so be careful

Tue. March 21

Lower Lit Trail. Wet ZinKwa Trail and the new Snake Trail were groomed. Enjoy your ski

Monday March 20

First day of SPRNIG. Conditions are much the same as the last couple of days GOOD. Enjoy your ski

Sunday March 19

Conditions are much thr same as yesterday with a dusting of new snow. Enjoy your ski

Sat. March 18

All trails have a firm base with 1CM snow on top.Enjoy your ski

Friday March 17

Springtime skiing makes cunditions change during the day. Afternoons seem best. Enjoy your ski

Thu. March 16

Goldeneye Lake Loop was groomed this morning.Conditions are now changing through- out the day so plan for your skiing ability. Enjoy your ski

Wed. March 15

Trails remain in good condition with a dusting of new snow. Enjoy your ski

Tue. March 14

This morning we groomed Outside Perimeter, 3K, Winter Games Trail and Biathlon. Yesterdays grooming is in excellent shape. Enjoy your ski

Mon. March 13

 This morning. we  groomed Lower Lit Trail, Logging Roads, Valley View Trail and Pooch Paradise. Remember only Pooch Paradise is open on Pine Creek side because of DANGER TREES. Enjoy your ski